Ontologies in GIS

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  • http://www.isotc211.org Annet van der Horn

    Thanks, that was a clear explanation.

    Are you involved in standards? As you said an ontology helps software agents to understand each other. This is only if they both have the same understanding of this ontology. Therefore ISO/TC 211 is developing a set of standards about that:

    ISO/TS 19150 will consist of the following parts, under the general title Geographic information — Ontology:

     Part 1: Framework

     Part 2: Rules for developing ontologies in the Web Ontology Language (OWL)

     Part 3: Semantic operators

     Part 4: Service ontology

     Part 5: Domain ontology registry

     Part 6: Service ontology registry

    Annet van der Horn

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      Hi Annet,

      sorry for late reply,

      No sorry I am more of a GIS Technician/ Cartographer