2 Unexpected Ways To Use Google Street View

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In today’s video, we will see how accessing Google Street View from Google Earth will give you a better control over your navigation so that you can create more accurate maps.

You will also discover how to build your map in real-time by adding placemarks that you will be able to export into a GIS software.

This training is brought to you courtesy of GIS eAcademy (the ultimate source of GIS online training courses), which opens its doors to members in a few days from now.

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  • How do I use my save

    Should I export it as kmz and use it on ArcGlobe?

    Any other way to use the saved buildings? on Arcmap?

  • admin

    Hi Ronyael,

    you can save your map as kml and use the kml to layer converter tool of ArcGIS and display your map on ArcMap, I will soon release a video on how to do this.



  • Fredrick Juma

    Wonderful Apps…