Star Web Wars, Microsoft Slide Street VS Google Street View

Hi Folks,

I’ve found this cool video on Youtube, published my Microsoft Researchers.

I’m sure you all know that Microsoft has an Online Mapping Service called Bing Maps, with an equivalent to Google Street View named Street Side.

The video reveals Street Slide (part of Street Side), which allows you to view a panoramic perspective of a whole long street and slide back and forth. It’s an amazing product that could challenge Google Street View one day. Although I contacted one of the researchers at Microsoft who told me that it is available just for a few streets in the USA at the moment.

Even though Google Street View’s coverage is wider and much more advanced than the one of Bing Maps, we like seeing Google being challenged, because we know that they will respond strongly by offering us more and more incredible products.

Look at the video and choose who is your champion icon smile Star Web Wars, Microsoft Slide Street VS Google Street View


Abu Dhabi Floods The World With Free GIS Data


The Envrionment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) yesterday launched its Enviro-Portal. It was made known by the EAD during the ESRI Middle East and Africa User Conference (MEAUC) on GIS Technology solutions at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition (ADNEC).

This portal offers access to the most up to date environmental data and information on the geolocation of flora, fauna, marine habitats and protected zones within Abu Dhabi.

Based on cutting edge GIS technology, EAD make downloadable spatial environmental data and information that have been collected since the early 1990s.  The data and information available, in various raster and feature formats, are useful to professionals, researchers and students in both the Arabic language and the English language.

The portal is user friendly, you will be able to download different sets of environmental layers for your areas of interest.

Follow this link to access the portal:

Become The Next Lord Of War With Google’s Arms Trade Globe

The arms trade is, next to the energy industry, the largest industry in the world with estimated yearly expenses of $1.7 trillion dollars.

Problem is, given the ammount of data circulating around the global weapon trade it used to be extremely difficult to visualize what the arms industry really represent: this was true until Google poked its nose into the trillion dollar business with the Google’s Arms Trade Globe and secured around 1 millions individual data (250 nation states) from the Peace and Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).

lordofwar1 Become The Next Lord Of War With Googles Arms Trade Globe

Nicolas Cage as a merciless global arms dealer in Lord of War (Copyright Lions Gate Film, 2005)

I recorded in the video above an overview the Google’s Arms Trade Globe in action, representing the flows of small arms and ammunition around the world from 1992 to 2010.

This is a fantastic example of what can be achieved with modern tools and technologies like GIS and webmapping.

Click on the link below to access the Google’s Arms Trade Globe and visualize the global arms trade industry for yourself:

Please note: to enjoy this application we recommend you use Google Chrome of Firefox


P.S. Join the discussion in the comments below: What do you think of Google’s effort with the Arms Trade Globe? Do you think it’s a publicity stunt or is there real value in the data we can gather from this application?