GIS Disturbance in Northern England

This is an introduction to the Multi-Criteria Based Approach in GIS. This SkyToEarth Map, shows a noise disturbance risk assessment using ArcGIS in Northern England. The evaluation pdf that goes along with the map will give some tools for the Multi-Criteria Analysis and opens the way for constructive criticism on this technique.

disturbance map e1360061133723 GIS Disturbance in Northern England

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  • Daniel McMillen

    I’m not sure what kind of disturbance you are talking about. Being the outsider here, you could be talking about archaeological disturbance, geological disturbance, ecological disturbance, or political disturbance. A little more explanation of the purpose of the project would be helpful to the outsider. For example: Why is this map needed? Are you trying to prevent disturbance (of some source) from being perpetrated on the area in question? What is the best and worst case scenarios for a high risk annotated area?

    • admin

      Hi Daniel,

      thx for your comments,

      Apologies. I’m talking about disturbance caused by noise. the purpose is to carry out a multi criteria analysis to locate the places that are the most exposed to the disturbance; The most important part of the post and the aim is actually the comments one, where I discuss the multi-criteria approach.